Corporate Team Building and Employee Appreciation Events
Escape rooms put you and a team inside a live-action game to physically participate in the story and solve the puzzle. The goal is to “escape” within the allotted time and faster than competing teams. This activity, besides being great entertainment, is designed to develop communication & leadership skills and foster team building. Corporations have found that, in addition to strengthening camaraderie among employees who regularly work together, team challenges can also facilitate working relationships between employees who wouldn’t otherwise interact with each other. By “escaping” from a safe, fun game room, employees develop skills and social connections that encourage working together and thinking in new, creative ways.

In addition to being a natural team-building exercise, Escapables can also be utilized as a competitive activity between groups or departments. If you have multiple office locations, whether across town or across the country, we can run your customized event at different sites simultaneously for an office-to-office competition. Times and champion teams can be broadcast via video conference as each office completes its event. Other options include an online leaderboard to compare the escape times of each competing team, as well as wrap-up sessions focused on group dynamics following each round.

Teams can be composed of 2 – 12 people and each game is structured to run between 25 and 35 minutes. At the conclusion of each round, there is a 10 minute break while the team that has just completed the challenge finds out how it did and what it missed. After that, each group will take a team picture and winners collect a small prize.

Escapables for Parties & Other Events
Escape rooms are designed for fun and are a novel way to add something special to your next event; even if teams have played an escape room before, they have never seen a school, home, or office transformed into such an exciting experience. Though our games are designed to engage and challenge adults, the content is appropriate for all ages and the difficulty can be adjusted for children as young as 12. We can run up to 84 attendees through a single room during a four hour event. We can also extend longer hours or bring multiple room set-ups for more attendees to participate. At the conclusion of each game, we give away a small prize to the winning teams and each group takes a team picture.

School, College, and University Events
Please visit our campus events page at:

We currently operate three different stories: The Philosopher, The Mystery on Mount OlympusSpace Calls: Infinite Horizon, & Totally Tubular 80s Party!

While we are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our games regularly travel across all 50 states and Canada and we may have already scheduled routing near you. For more information on pricing and availability, you can contact us at or 866-769-9037. We are always ready to customize our programs to fit the customer’s needs.


We also offer optional Leadership and Team Building packages
that include a leadership coaching session after you play the room.

  • We travel all over the country and set this event up in your venue.

  • Our basic package includes up to four hours of game play, but we can customize the event for your needs.

  • For events local to the Southern California area, our basic package starts at one hour and can be customized from there.

  • Call us today for pricing and more information: 866-769-9037.

The event went fabulously, we got nothing but positive feedback. The clues allowed groups to both split up and work together. We got to experience and hear groups ‘collaborating’ together with high energy. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful experience. [APR 2016]

Brooke Umbra

Everyone had a blast. Multiple people came up to us and thanked us for having you guys because it was so enjoyable. Working with both of the operators was so easy! I appreciate all the communication you had and how down to earth you guys are. The rooms were so cool and I definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone! [FEB 2017]

Kathryn Martin

The event went very well. [Operator] Nicole was wonderful to work with, both leading up to the event and on the day itself. I’m really impressed with the quality of the puzzle room program itself (having done a few in the Seattle area before). [JAN 2017]

Sam Al-Khoury